A Study of Surface Reactions on Steel Samples Using a Mass Spectrometer Probe

This study presents a new probe to analyse the gas composition near a metal surface. The probe uses a mass spectrometric detector and is incorporated in an experimental reactor for the thermal treatment and surface formation of steel sheet samples. Steel samples were exposed to various oxidizing and reducing gas flows at pressures between ambient and 3 bar. The reaction product H2O was measured with the MS-probe while reducing oxidized steel surfaces with H2 as well as the consumption of H2 as a function of the sample temperature. Similarly, the reaction products CO and H2 were monitored during the oxidation of the bulk carbon with H2O. The sample temperature was ramped linearly from ambient to 900 8C. From these measurements it was possible to evaluate the onset temperatures and the activation energies for the respective reactions. The in-situ monitoring of the gas phase near the steel surface within the experimental reactor allows controlling the formation of a layer of iron as a result of the iron oxide reduction. Similarly, the decarburization of steel can be followed up by measuring the time course of the CO concentration. It is expected that the MS-probe will become an efficient tool for the understanding and optimization of the annealing and formation processes during strip annealing before hot dipping.

Heinz Falk* and Martin Falk
Falk Steuerungssysteme GmbH, Stadthagen, Germany
* Corresponding author

steel research int. 81 (2010) No. 4

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Press Release DewCal®

Stadthagen in February 2010 --- DewCal® enables the dew points of gasses to be regulated faster and with greater precision when compared with other customary humidity sensors. This enables the innovation to pave the way for new technological processes due to the fact that dew points can now be controlled in changing process chains at last. The German company Falk Steuerungssysteme GmbH in Stadthagen has developed this system, for which it has filed a patent application...

Press release Falk Steuerungssysteme GmbH
Feb. 2010

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Wie eine Computerfestplatte: Intelligente Materialpuffer

Schnelle interne Logistikketten sind ein wesentlicher Baustein, um die Produktivität eines Fertigungsbetriebes zu erhöhen. Gerade dann, wenn aus Serienelementen kundenindividuelle Lösungen ab Werk entstehen sollen, erhält der reibungslose Materialstrom eine Hauptrolle im ständigen Streben nach Kostenoptimierung.

IT&Produktion 08/2009
Autor: Thorsten Sienk



Außen Toppits, innen eiskalt

Mit »Drive-based Automation« rüstet die Melitta- Tochter Cofresco ihre Eiskugelbeutelmaschinen aus.

mpa 04/2006 , S. 60-62
Autor: Thorsten Sienk
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"Inbetriebnahme per WLAN"

"Drahtloser Datenverkehr über WLAN hat sich in der Bürokommunikation etabliert. Aber auch in der industriellen Automation hält die Technologie Einzug – insbesondere dort, wo sich die Inbetriebnahme von Anlagen verkürzen und vereinfachen lässt. Ein Praxisbeispiel."

Computer&Automation 11/2005, S.64-66
Autor:Thorsten Sienk
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