Obtaining the dew point quickly and precisely using DewCal®

Using DewCal® dew points of gases can be adjusted and controlled more quickly. Falk Steuerungssysteme GmbH from Stadthagen has developed this system and filed for a patent for it; the system makes absolute measurements.

Because the innovation is based on easy to measure physical parameters such as temperature, volume and pressure, the otherwise long settling times of expensive sensors are a thing of the past. The major advantage: process changes are achieved significantly more quickly, with the related significant time savings and improvements in productivity.

DewCal® is designed tailored for industrial and laboratory applications that require gas flows or air flows with an exactly defined moisture content.

Examples are sensor calibration processes, welding processes, clean-room technology, fuel cells or the wide field of metal surface treatment. Due to its principle of operation, the compactly constructed system can also provide calibrated vapour densities for other liquids, not just water; specifically those liquids that have a comparable vapour pressure curve to water.

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DewCal® is a registered trademark of Falk Steuerungssysteme GmbH

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System design

MFC = mass flow controller