Cross cutter

At the cross cutter the required element lengths are cut to the millimetre.
This section of the plant comprises a band saw or circular saw that, after the required element length has passed, exactly synchronises to the band speed and then cuts the element as it moves along with production. If manual intervention should be necessary, so-called manual cuts can be triggered. Here a differentiation is made between the quality of the manual cuts, e.g. 2A cut or scrap cut.

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Hardware layout:

  • Approx. 8 inverter drives
  • 1 x SIEMENS-PLC 315-2 DP
  • Approx. 50 inputs/outputs


  • Element lengths to the millimetre
  • Grid cut and length cut production
  • Various movement programs (speed and position can be exactly matched to the product)
  • Saw band change in the automatic mode without production standstill
  • and much more