Drive technology powers machines

Drive technology converts electrical power into kinetic energy which in the end powers machines. Against the background of climate change, the most intelligent possible utilisation of resources as well as the related savings in operating costs, the key is to design drive technology that does the task with maximum energy efficiency. For this purpose it is necessary to take a holistic system view of the drive technology components inverter, motor and gearbox and to combine them optimally to suit the application.

Based on extensive experience, obtained from a whole host of different sectors, Falk Steuerungssysteme sets standards in the development of high efficiency drive solutions. For our customers we take over the design of the drive technology, configure and program the necessary hardware, arrange the manufacture of the switch cabinet, and are also on hand during commissioning.



For the drive technology we of course work only with standardised software - for example with CoDeSys and all the languages in IEC 61131-3. And because in drive technology neither frequency inverters nor servo controllers are generally on their own in the world, but mostly operate in a group, the networking of the drive technology with Profibus, Ethernet, CAN or other fieldbus systems is also part of our services.