Retrofit: the makeover for machines

The fact that the S5 was followed by the S7 PLC is well known to all familiar with the sector. We are, on the other hand, also very familiar with how we can bring old S5 solutions up to the state-of-the-art during a retrofit. A further Falk speciality during the retrofit: integrating proven older control technology into new control systems and ERP systems by means of intelligent interfaces.

Retrofit, that is the modernisation of plants, has in the end the goal of getting the best out of machines. Practice shows that the mechanical aspects of ageing production plants are still very well suited to excellently mastering new challenges.

Makeover instead of decommissioning: during the retrofit, for example during planned changes to production, we therefore integrate today's powerful drive and automation technology into yesterday's machines. In this way we set a low cost milestone for more productivity, reliability and suitability for future use. The generation change in the Siemens PLC world is just one example, alternative solutions for Indramat obsolescence, now BoschRexroth, are a second example.