Unilin Flooring is a leading group for the production of laminate flooring.
For the production facilities in Wielsbeke, Mouscron (Belgium) and Thomasville (NC, United States) we supplied control cabinets and control systems for saw lines, packaging lines as well as impact sound insulation lines.

Since the product variety in this area is very high, the PLC controls are linked to production planning systems, which makes a fast and automatic changeover to the respective product possible.

In close cooperation with our customer, we work towards high production speed with high quality standards and low downtimes already during the planning of new production lines.

Sawing line:
Laminate panels are produced from large panels. These large panels are fed to the production line in the form of stacks and separated by means of a feeder. The individual panels are measured by camera systems and aligned before the longitudinal saw. In order to obtain a more accurate end product, the longitudinal saws are repositioned for various products on the basis of the camera values. The product length is realized by an adjustable stop on the crosscut saw. Here, too, paper growth detected by the camera system is repositioned. Plant-specifically, the raw panels, are then fed to the high-bay warehouse or edge processing via stack formation.

Packaging line:
The finished laminate panels are fed to the packaging line in the form of stacks and separated by means of a feeder. The individual panels are checked for quality by camera systems. The high quality panels are collected according to the number in the package and then packed in a carton. This is followed by brochure inserting, foiling and shrink tunneling. The finished packages are collected in layers and palletized. The pallets are then transported to the high-bay warehouse.