Hot Dip Simulator

The SURTEC RESEARCH (formerly Rhesca or Iwatani HDP Simulators) simulator enables the simulation of the industrial production of surface-coated (automotive) sheet metal during hot-dip galvanizing on a laboratory scale. The main functions of the hot-dip simulation are thermal pretreatment in oxidizing or reducing atmospheres and the actual metallic coating (hot-dip galvanizing).

SURTEC Research GmbH & Co. KG
Locations Simulators:

Germany / Dortmund
France / Metz
South Korea / Gwangyang
Germany / Aachen
Wales / Swansea
USA / Pittsburgh
Canada / Hamilton
India / Ranchi
Taiwan / Kaohsiung
Slovakia / Kosice
China / Shanghai
China / Wuhan
Brazil / Belo
Horizonte China / Anshan (Liaoning)
Australia / Port
Kembla Belgium / Ghent
China / Beijing
Netherlands / Ijmuiden
USA / Chigaco
India / Jamshedpur
Turkey / Zonguldak

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