Control systems: networked, visualised, available globally

Customers come to us because we perfectly integrate control systems for the manufacturing industry into existing infrastructure and exactly match the systems to the related needs. These systems operate based on industrial PCs with lower-level PLC control. During software development we utilise the latest 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems and program our applications in the high-level language Delphi.

Control systems in the form of networked solutions have the advantage that all the computers in a group have the same data. This control system architecture ensures data consistency and considerably reduces the maintenance effort. The complete implementation of the drive and automation technology in a central control system also makes it possible to display product movements or material flows in real-time, and also to keep a close eye on drive functions, measured values or plant states using unambiguous graphic displays.



Production control systems that are intelligently configured for the flow of product also make it possible for the customer to track materials and products from order receipt to delivery at the end customer - including full integration into enterprise resource planning systems. This architecture can also be used globally, for example for remote maintenance and remote diagnostics. As a solutions partner we support our customers at any time by telephone, and are also pleased to take over the remote maintenance of plants via the Internet (VPN) or by modem.