Unilin Flooring is a leading company for the manufacture of laminate flooring.
For the manufacturing sites in Wielsbeke, Mouscron (Belgium) and Thomasville (NC, United States) we supplied switch cabinets and controllers for cutting lines, packaging and acoustic insulation lines.

As the variety of products in this area is very high, the PLC controls are coupled to production planning systems; this configuration makes it possible to quickly and automatically change to the related product.

In close co-operation with our customer, as early as during the planning of new production lines attention is paid to high production speed with high quality standards and low downtimes.

Cutting line:
The laminate panels are manufactured from large panels. The large panels are supplied to the production line in the form of stacks and separated using a loader. The individual panels are measured by camera systems and aligned in front of the longitudinal saw. To obtain an exact end product, for various products the longitudinal saws are re-positioned based on the data from the cameras. The product length is set using an adjustable stop on the cross saw. The camera system is also used here for re-positioning. The untreated panels are then sent to the high bay warehouse after forming stacks, or the edges processed depending on the plant.

Wrapping line:
The completed laminate panels are supplied to the packaging line in the form of stacks and separated using a loader. The individual panels are checked for quality using camera systems. The high quality panels are collected into a pack depending on the number required and then packed into a cardboard box. This process is followed by the brochure inserter, wrapping in film and the shrink tunnel. The completed packs are collected in layers and palletised. The pallets are then transported to the high bay warehouse.