GVOA composting plant

At Kompostwerk Pohlsche Heide around 40,000 tonnes of bio-waste are processed each year, this waste is collected via bio-bins. A further 10,000 tonnes of green waste delivered separately are also processed. Valuable compost is produced from this raw material using a natural composting process.

The bio-waste is initially tipped by the delivery vehicles into bunkers in the delivery shed. Then it is picked up by a wheeled loader and tipped into a hopper. The waste is then transported on an inclined conveyor. The bio-waste passes first through a ferrous metal detector and is then transported through a sorting cabin. Here rubbish and contaminants are removed by staff.

The bio-waste prepared in this way is then mixed with the appropriate portion of green material. The material is transported to the intensive composting sheds and fully automatically built up into a trapezoid pile. An automatic handling unit turns the material at regular intervals and transports it in a period of around eight to ten weeks through the around 130 m long and 30 m wide composting shed.

Discharge is also fully automatic, similar to the way the way the material is transported into the shed initially. After a further three months final composting in the open final composting shed, the compost can be sieved and then sold.